Recent News and Activities

  • January 22nd 2018: Guest Lecture: Ralph Adolphs - The Social Brain

    Background reading:
    Adolphs, R. (2009). The social brain: neural basis of social knowledge. Annual review of psychology, 60, 693-716.
    Spunt, R. P., & Adolphs, R. (2017). A new look at domain specificity: insights from social neuroscience. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 18(9), 559.
    Kennedy, D. P., & Adolphs, R. (2012). The social brain in psychiatric and neurological disorders. Trends in cognitive sciences, 16(11), 559-572.

  • January 10th 2018: Reward processing

  • January 8th 2018: Introduction to Decision Neuroscience

    Recommended Neuroscience reading:
    Siegelbaum, S. A., & Hudspeth, A. J. (2000). Principles of Neural Science (Fifth Edition). E. R. Kandel, J. H. Schwartz, & T. M. Jessell (Eds.). New York: McGraw-hill.
    We strongly recommend the following chapters in order to have a good background for the lectures:
    Part I, Chapters 1, 2 (general background)
    Part IV, Chapters 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 (neural basis of cognition)
    Part V, Chapter 21 (basic perception)
    Part VI, Chapter 43 (the basal ganglia)
    Part VII, Chapter 48 (emotions and feelings)
    Part IX, Chapters 65, 66 (learning and memory)

    For more in-depth reading, we also recommend the following:
    Part I, Chapter 3 (genes and behavior)
    Part II, Chapters 6, 7 (action potential, membrane dynamics)
    Part III, Chapters 8, 11, 13 (synaptic transmission, neurotransmitters)
    Part IX, Chapters 61, 62, 63, 64 (mental disorders)

  • January 3rd 2018

    January 3rd lecture cancelled. Classes should start normally on Monday, January 8th.