Recent News and Activities

  • O'Doherty Lab Meeting 10-11

    Our visiting student - Ryuhei Ueda - presented about “Neural Integration on Social Valuation in Romantic Relationship”.

  • O'Doherty Lab Meeting 10-04

    Logan Cross presented a current progress on Atari project.

  • O'Doherty Lab Meeting 09-27

    Sandy Tanwisuth presented about “A Brief Introduction to Ultrasonic Modulation of Neural Circuit Activity”.

  • O'Doherty Lab Meeting 09-20

    Caroline Charpentier presented about “Re-analyzing Sven’s data: can we decode goal representations during observational learning?”.

  • O'Doherty Lab Meeting 09-13

    Sandy Tanwisuth presented about collecting behavioral data with Amazon mechanical Turk (mTurk) - “M-Turk: Feasibilities, Pros, and Cons”.

  • O'Doherty Lab Meeting 09-06

    Tomas Aquino presented for a journal club meeting on “The successor representation in human reinforcement learning”.

  • Postdoctoral Positions

    The O’Doherty and Tsao labs at the California Institute of Technology in collaboration with Dr. Daeyeol Lee at Yale University are currently seeking candidates for two postdoctoral positions in neuroscience. Successful applicants will be part of a collaborative project supported by the BRAIN initiative aimed at elucidating the relationship between neuronal activity and hemodynamic responses in the prefrontal cortex, particularly regarding the representation of value, decision and reward signals.